About Me:

My name is Adrian and you probably guessed my sir name is McMaster by now.  I am candid street photographer although I have done some none professional portrait photographs for people in the past. They are of good standard but I do not have the proper equipment like the umbrella flash and studio so take a photograph of how and were the are so.  I have never charged anything for my camera use.   I have been in photography for over 25 years since 1990.   I could not afford an SLR back then  so had to make do with a 35mm point and shoot camera I bought from Argos in 1993. I still have that camera to this day with receipt and box.   I started to use an SLR in 1997 and photograph turned out perfect  for an amateur. The camera was an  Olympus 110 SLR camera that was all manual control 1997 to 1999. It was a manual with partial automatic settings camera.  There was shutter speed and aperture marker in side the lens viewer to help with correct settings.  The only thing that was a pain was having to wind the back back after it was used up because there was no auto rewind. SO that took a few minutes to do and put another reel of film in the camera.  It was a bit frustrating when something good happened and you cannot take a shot. Then I had a modern Canon SLR camera. Digital cameras had arrived on the market but they was to expensive. The camera had a LCD display at the top left it was automatic and manual use as expected.  It had an auto film rewind once the film was used up so that mad life a bit easier.  I took a lot of photographs with the camera. I had no computer back then.  Then in 2001 I had my first digital SLR a Canon EOS 300D. It was a excellent and saved me a lot of time. I still had to have the images developed as I still had no computer.  I then had a cheap laptop in 2005 to store all of my images on. I had no internet then either. There was no social media about then.  Facebook, Myspace and Youtube did not appear until late 2005 and internet was still expensive for some people.  I took a lot of photographs with EOS SLR300D and any mistakes could be easy deleted and retaken. I then sold the Canon 300D  and decided to buy myself a EOS 350D in 2008 and it was much better with improvements with speed and a bigger sharper LCD display. The only problem for me was my near vision was changing even though I was in my mid 30’s  and it was found out I had Keratoconus as well as Astigmatism in both eyes. The Keratoconus is not very common and is a eye disease and not known was causes it but is thought to be inherited or an allergy that triggers it. The eyes go like a cone shape.  My eyes are still have the rounded shape but I get multiple ghosting in both eyes so have to were two pair of glasses like one pair for reading or near vision and a second pair for distance or normal use and it can become a pain after a while. There is no known cure for the eye disease and I cannot have contact lenses due to my prescription being top strong.  Also it can suddenly progress resulting in spectacles being of no use and having to have an operation to alter my vision.  My Keratoconus is slow but is being monitored and checked when I have an eye test every year.  So you can imagine what its like for me when using a camera with my distance glasses on I have to hold it further away to see small detail. I do struggle with the LCD display  sometime and the inside viewer but can cope. I do carry my ready glasses in I need them.   In 2020 I decided to upgrade my camera to a DSLR because I also do a little filming now and again. So I decided to buy a second hand camera and lens online using eBay. I was lucky and bid on a Canon EOS 750 DSLR Camera and won the bid it cost me £330. When it arrived I checked it and it was in perfect condition. I then decided to get myself a decent lenses. The first one was a budget lens and was noisy and slow. So I look again on eBay and  spotted a Canon Zoom Lens EF 24-105mm and put in a bid the price was around £250. I lost and the final price was £745. So I looked again and spotted another one starting at £100 with only a 15 hours left so a place a bid and got out bid. I then waited until the last few second a placed my bid I won at a cost of £350 and thought yes go ya.  It arrived and I looked at it once out of the box and tested it indoors with a few test shots of my then cat and wow I noticed a big difference compared to the cheaper lenses. The lens would normally cost around £990 to £1100 brand new so I got a bargain. The auto focus speed was very fast. I have not done any filming with it yet but will in the summer. The video on my Adrianphotomovies youtube channel was filmed with the budget lens and you can hear the lens shake and notice the slow focus. My camera do have a standard EFS 18-55mm lens. it came with.  I also use other equipment with my camera such as a Canon speedlite 270EX  and  Neewer carbon fibre tripod.

Were I am from:

I live in a small town called Newcastle Under Lyme next to a small city called Stoke on Trent in the county of Staffordshire in the country of Great Britain. Newcastle Under Lyme is not to be confused with Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of the country. In the North Staffordshire area we have a dialect called potteries because the area is also known as the Potteries area.  If you here us say owe at duck or rayt.  We are say How are you my friend are you all right.  Some people do get confused if I use it outside the potteries area as it is not recolonized.  You can see my recent filming on my Adrianphotomovies youtube channel. and you can checkout my Facebook Page updated regularly. I do have other hobbies that I am into and one of them is simulator gaming and I use my other Youtube channel for streaming every day at Adrianmcmastergaming and you can visit the and visit the Facebook page for that channel.  There are new photographs unloaded to this website of factbook regularly and website updated so keep coming back and having a look as you never know what you might of missed or new features have been added .